Monday, November 23, 2009

One Of My All Time Favs

I love having this photo taken with Nancy Wilson, one of my favorite singers. I've seen her perform twice, once at Yoshi's in Oakland, and once at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. It's always very special to witness the greats who pack so much into every note and gesture.

You will enjoy checking out this great video of Ms. Wilson singing one of her signature songs:

Ms. Wilson still performs with the same wonderful band:
Llew Mathews, piano: John B. Williams, bass: Roy McCurdy, drums.

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  1. You know, Sony, Nancy Wilson has been my number one singer ( until you ) since my early days in nursing school ( 1962 ). My best friend, Meaux, and I always loved her. Sadly, I have six vinyl records ( my turntable is deceased but I'd love to have a new one ). I graduated to CDs and the last one I got of Nancy's, RSVP, got a grammy in 2004. When one song, "I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco and I Don't Drink at All," came out, I immediately bought it! I didn't live in San Francisco then and I'd been in love with the city since I was eighteen.

    To this day, I still haven't seen Nancy Wilson and it is still my dream. I didn't know she was performing here when Jo and I went to see Shota's western swing band...I might have put that off for another time!

    You are lucky you've gotten to see her...she IS 72, I believe. I just hope she keeps entertaining till I get to realize my dream. After all, I did make it to Tony Bennett, thanks to Jo.