Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lainie Kazan @ The Catalina

My last post was about Nancy Wilson, and I've seen some other great veteran performers since moving to Los Angeles including Ernie Andrews and Bill Henderson. The other night I also had the opportunity to catch Lainie Kazan's gig at the Catalina.

This picture of the two of us was taken at the 1st Year Anniversary Party for the Rrazz Room in SF. I must have been holding the drink for her :-)

Lainie is an amazing performer. She got her first big break as an understudy to Barbara Streisand on Broadway. The day Babs finally got too sick to go on (after over a year & a half of shows) there happened to be quite a few reviewers in the audience. It turns out that they were all alerted by Lainie's Mom. Way to go Mom!


  1. While I've never seen Lanie perform I did meet her years ago in SF @ Ghirardelli Square. We had the opportunity to chat for a while and I found her to be so warm and friendly. She's a great lady. Nice photo of the two of you.

  2. You look so glamorous in that photo, Sony. I haven't seen Lanie perform, either. So nice of you to hold her drink....ah, wish we could have a toast or two together! Miss you!