Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The L.A. of My Dreams

This post originally appeared on the blog site My L.A. Lifestyle...

I am a singer with a passion for those old relics, lyrics and melody. I love the repertoire known as the Great American Songbook even though it's been out of style since before Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Pill Box hat.
My new i Tunes single is an original song called THE L.A. OF MY DREAMS.
Angelenos are the biggest dreamers around so it begs the question, WHAT IS THE L.A. OF YOUR DREAMS? A Whole Foods downtown? Our own football team?
How's this for dreaming? There is a wild scheme to build a park on top of the 101. 

My friend Hans Peter Trauschke has a dream of mounting seven 120' tall Polyamide angels on top of buildings downtown.
Jerry and I dream on a smaller scale. We live in a concrete box downtown that the real estate agent calls an 'artists loft'. So some Sunday's we like to dream about a clean sidewalk and fresh air.
The sky is radiantly blue
My shabby street has all the charms
Of Larchmont Avenue...
There was a scene in THE ARTIST when Jean Dujardin was driving through town and there was no one else on the road! Wow, can you imagine that!
Imagine this...
The 10's a gentle joy ride to the beach
Where a Long Island Iced tea is in my reach...

Like many Angelenos I came here to boost my musical career.
They say I'm going far
There's a soiree in the hills
Where I am greeted like a star
Then summer heat gives way
To endless Spring
And Clooney brings his pals
To hear me sing...

George, Brad, Matt... are you reading this? I'll be watching out for you at my next gig!

Music and Lyrics: - The L.A. of My Dreams - Jerry Holland  © Heebalibra Music 2012
iTunes Link: The L.A.Of  My Dreams

Image Credits: PHOTO 1: Google User Content;  PHOTO 2: Greenopolis;  PHOTO 3: CDN Shopify;  PHOTO 4:  Virtual Tourist;  PHOTO 5: USA Today;  PHOTO 6: The 20 Something Society


  1. Love this post and fell in love with the tune as soon as I heard it. It's fabulous. And, Oh, I'll be bringing Brad with me to your next gig :)

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