Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The L.A. Of My Dreams

I have a new single up on iTunes called THE L.A. OF MY DREAMS, (lyrics below). Written by Jerry Holland, it is a beautiful Bossa Nova love song set in a more genteel City Of Angels... Jerry says, "We live close to Skid Row and we see the gritty side of life here on a daily basis. After watching THE ARTIST the vision of a more wide open L.A. stuck with me. I wanted to jump into the picture of an L.A. like that."

We recorded this song at the Village Studio with Jerry, Leland Sklar, Andy Langham and Gregg Bissonette. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.


Preview it here:

words & music by Jerry Holland c. Heebalibra Music, BMI

In reality
This is a very tough town
My hopeful heart
Had been so cynically shot down
Until you flashed a smile
My lifeline had been cut
The Miracle Mile was just a rut, but...

In the L.A. of my dreams
The sky is radiantly blue
My shabby street has all the charms
Of Larchmont Avenue
The 10's a gentle joy ride to the beach
Where a Long Island Iced Tea is in my reach
In the L.A. of my dreams
They say I'm going far
There's a soiree in the hills
Where I am greeted like a star
Then summer heat gives way to endless spring
And Clooney brings his pals to hear me sing...

In this land of make believe
I've found something real with you
And in the L.A. of my dreams
You're my dream come true...

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  1. I love this song and the lyrics just touch the soul with inspiration and hope. Beautifully written and vocalized with music that sets the tone.