Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Saturday Salon in Oakland

We jam-packed 50 plus hard core music fans into the home of Karen and Robert Bradsby in Oakland for a Second Saturday Salon house concert last weekend. At first I was skeptical that the band would be able to squeeze into the tight space between the baby grand and the fireplace. It was cozy but we did it. I found my sweet spot in the curve of the piano and we kicked into ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. Talk about intimate! Their front row was close enough to read the bands sheet music. Normally that might be a bit unnerving but this was such a warm and friendly crowd from the first note to the last.

We squeezed in as many chairs as we could!

After the first set Karen and Robert laid out a delicious spread during the break. It was a great opportunity for people to get to know each other and to enjoy a glass of wine. It makes a singer feel good when EVERYBODY stays for the second set, and they did. The band included some terrific Bay Area musicians that I hadn't worked with in quite some time... Lee Bloom on piano, Sam Bevan on bass and David Rokeach on drums, and of course Jerry Holland on guitar.

The night before we played a  private concert at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek. It was a terrific evening even if the thermometer was maxing out. Once we came through to the Oakland side of the Caldecott Tunnel things cooled down to a comfortable 70 degrees. When David (our drummer) opened the window behind him a gentle breeze was right on cue as I sang TENDERLY... what a fun evening. The hosts were happy, the guests were happy and the band was happy!

Jerry getting tuned up before the show...
Jerry, Lee, Sony, David & Sam
A big 'thank you' to everyone who came out, to Karen & Robert, to the band and to Terry Dudley for these photos.

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  1. One of the things I loved so much about this concert in addition to the FANTASTIC band, was the fact that the venue was so cozy and intimate with the band as the focal point. I had a wonderful time.