Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video Shoot!

We walked down the block to L.A.'s Fashion District which doesn't look anything like it sounds. It certainly isn't a place where you'll find impeccably dressed models strutting about. In fact, it overlaps the edges of Skid Row and the streets are anything but well kept. There actually are some high end designer shops if you know where to look, as well as a sprinkling of young and trendy Fashion Institute students in the pedestrian mix. The shoddy shops and storefronts that open onto Los Angeles Street have a third world feel, spilling over with unwieldy rolls of every kind of textile and fabric imaginable... canvas, lace, patterned, striped, fringed, satin, velour, etc... as well as rolling racks of cheap knock-off clothing items priced to sell. You can get two men's suits for $50 and they'll throw in a tie, belt and socks.

Anyway, Jerry and I walked over to pick up a big roll of black fabric which we lugged home and duck-taped onto a wall in our loft. Presto! We had a video background. We waited until it got quiet and dark outside and then we slid some furnishings to the other side of the loft. Voila... we had room for a sound stage. The lighting department consists of a couple of cheap standing lamps from Target.

We decided to try out our new venture with a simply lovely tune by Harry Warren & Al Dubin, I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU. Since we can't use amplification in our building I held a mini-digital recorder to capture the sound. So without further adieu here is our home video debut:

Until the next time, thanks for watching!


  1. Smooth, classy, authentic, heart-felt. I love the sound of Sony and Jerry. They make me stop and remember romance.

  2. This is absolutely sensational and especially when you consider that it is homemade and not done in a studio. I never would have known it wasn't professionally done. It is, I have to say, one of, if not your absolute best. I love the intimacy of it and the sound is incredible. You two have outdone yourself with this. FANTASTIC job.

    And, of course the vocals and guitar are second to none. Love the hair and outfit too. Thank you for your exceptional gift of music.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me believe in being in love again!!!