Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Gallery: Vitello's

A big thank you to everyone who made my first show at Vitello's a memorable one. It's a rush to have a full house, but this night was extra special because my parents surprised me. They had been vacationing in Arizona and drove to Los Angeles, arriving just before show-time. My Dad called me that morning to wish me good luck and didn't say a word about coming. He is pretty sneaky.

We had a great audience @ Vitello's.

 We scheduled an early sound check and the band was on time... my first good sign. Though I had heard Otmaro play with his trio this was the first time we'd actually met and I am so glad we did. Sound check was our opportunity for a quick rehearsal. I could tell right away that this band was going to be a pleasure to work with.
Otmaro Ruiz playing a terrific solo...

Jazz musicians are freelancer's who are accustomed to performing in different combos. So even though these guys hadn't worked together as a unit they meshed perfectly. By the time the show started it seemed like everyone in the room was feeling good. The rhythm section of David Hughes and Kendall Kay kicked into our first number and we were really swinging.

A cool shot of David.
"I see your face in every flower..."

Time absolutely flies on stage when the sound is good (thanks Paul), the band is in sync (thanks guys) and the audience is attentive. Then all I have to do is wear a nice dress and sing the songs like I do at home. Before I knew it we were playing TWO SLEEPY PEOPLE and it was almost time to say goodnight.
Jerry had everyone's ear during his beautiful solo on OVER THE RAINBOW.
When the show was over I had the chance to visit with everyone. I loved that so many people introduced themselves to my parents. They had a great time. Vitello's is a very comfortable venue for jazz so I hope you'll join us when we return. A big thanks to Terry Dudley for taking these photos and for sharing them with me so generously.

It wasn't easy but Terry managed to get us back on stage for a shot after the show. What a nice evening!

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  1. Way to go on a great gig and what a fantastic surprise to have your Mom and Dad there. Nice shots by Terry.