Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's On My Shelves...

I wanted to share this pic that we took for a feature in Bay Stages Magazine called 'Who's reading Bay Stages?' If you're not familiar with it, Bay Stages is a very attractively put together arts magazine that covers the scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This photo was taken in my apartment in downtown Los Angeles. Atop the concrete & pine bookshelves you can see that I have some LP covers spread out... Babs and Tony Bennett are just over my shoulder.

Also on the mantle (but out of view) are photos of Nancy Wilson, Peggy Lee and Jerry's platinum records. Below there are hundreds of CDs and tons of sheet music folios and books. The 'dorm style' wall units line the northeast corner of my loft and serve as a great perch for pictures of friends and family as well. Although they stubbornly defy any attempt at organization these shelves do a great job of holding my cherished memorabilia.


  1. Love this shot and I'll have to get a copy of the zine.

  2. Wonderful, dear Sony and you look terrific in this picture. Of course, my home is becoming more of a house now as I continue packing up. I wonder if I will ever's only 12 days till I head to India...I'm beginning to wonder if I'll make it...and I'm not even sure if I'll get to the Rrazz though I have the two tickets. Those two days Jeremy is supposed to be here to help me finish up. I know you'll understand. I'll be playing your CDS if I'm not there. Think of me, please, if I don't make it.