Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live Shots:

@ the Rrazz Room, San Francisco: November 2011

We were having a good time from Jump Street:-)
The shot above was taken right after the opening number, 

"Time is so old and love so brief,
Love is pure gold and time a thief..."

 I confess that I make a lot of funny faces 
when I'm singing, like this one below.
This shot is from POLK STREET BAR.
"He's right at home 
in a lively Polk Street Bar
Where the jukebox plays Sinatra
and the good time people are..."
That's Seward McCain on bass & Bob Blankenship on the drums.

And here's the rest of the band, 
Benny Watson on piano & Jerry Holland on guitar!
We were playing SOON IT'S GONNA RAIN,
a lovely song from the Fantasticks. We took it off Broadway
and turned it into a gentle Bossa Nova.
Hand on hip. I think I was singing 
served with a little attitude.

I was so pleased with these shows. The band was great, 
the sound clear and the audience so warm and enthusiastic. 
 It's unfortunate that we were unable to video tape them:(

 A huge thank you to Terry Dudley for taking these photos!


  1. What fantastic shots. Terry is always able to capture the feeling on each tune. How fun reliving the show through these photos. Thank you.

  2. Sony, the show was just fabulous and I couldn't believe my luck to be seated right in front of you! Everyone in the band was perfection, too, including that guitar player with whom you hang out. He just gets better and better.

    I am sorry I couldn't make Sunday's show...just too much packing left. I'm wondering if I'm going to make my Dec 1 flight. I'm not even going anywhere for Thanksgiving. But I MUST get to India since I have 30 Sony Holland CDs to dispense! India has to know your talent.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jerry and know that the two of you are one of the joys for which I am thankful.