Thursday, April 22, 2010

Updates from my mini-blog...

I am adding a few of the "news" updates from my website homepage for archival purposes...

News: Back from San Francisco: Tue, Apr 20th, 2010 I'm back from a splendid reunion in San Francisco. After a 6 month absence it was so gratifying to feel all of the love and support from friends and fans. I didn't expect for people to be spilling out the door of Cafe Divine and onto the streets of North Beach, but then again I've had so many memorable nights performing there. Thanks so much to everyone who made it a special evening. I miss you already! I've just posted my April/May schedule for the lovely Left Coast Wine Bar in Glendale. The LCWB is a friendly venue with a relaxed atmosphere... perfect for wine, art, music and friends. I hope to see you there! photo: David Wright at Cafe Divine

News: Spazio and Desert Cities: Mon, Apr 12th, 2010 This past weekends gigs at Spazio in Sherman Oaks and Vicky’s in Indian Wells both left me with a satisfied glow. My trio really sparkled at Spazio, and when Jerry jumped in for a few songs on guitar it added a wonderful color to the mix. Kendall Kay had never seen my charts before but he played as if he’s been my drummer for years. I felt all of the elements of a good show coalesce… A good set list, an outstanding band, an excellent stage, clear sound and a receptive audience. Having all of that working for me makes it a pure pleasure to sing and perform. The sets at Vicky’s in Palm Springs were excellent too. Allen Goodman and the Desert Cities Jazz Band have put together a great series and their audience is attentive and gracious. I look forward to a return engagement. I will celebrate my birthday this Tuesday by performing with my favorite guitarist at the Left Coast Wine Bar. On Friday we’ll play CafĂ© Divine in San Francisco. I can’t wait to see so many of my wonderful friends there. It’s been too long! Flower in the desert. Photo by Patricia Grey  

News: Earthquake in Baja: Sunday, April 4, 2010 We had quite a scare from the earthquake in Baja on Easter Sunday. The windows were rattling, lamps were shaking and the whole building was swaying. For a moment there I thought my gig last week at Charlie O's was going to be my last one ever! Fortunately things calmed down. So my duo will play TONIGHT (Tuesday) at the Left Coast Wine Bar. Then next few days I have recording sessions and on Friday I'll play at Spazio's for the first time. I'll be joined Theo Saunders, Chris Conner and Kendall Kay on piano, bass and drums. On Sunday I head to Palm Springs for a gig at Vicky's with the Desert Cities Jazz Band which should be a ton of fun. Hopefully the only rocking will come from the band!

Music Review: Sony has recipe for soothing soul
By Liana Aghajanian Friday, March 19, 2010 10:11 PM PDT

In a corner of Left Coast Wine Bar and Gallery’s cozy second floor, Sony Holland flooded the room with her dipped-in-honey voice and cool, collected attitude on a stress-free Friday night. Dressed in black, the singer, with her guitarist husband, Jerry, accompanying her, chit-chatted with patrons between sets as they unwound in one of Glendale’s hidden gems.
Her new twists on classic standards, coupled with original songs, attracted not only cheers from her small audience but prompted those who were eavesdropping on her set downstairs to move themselves (and their wine) onto the sectional couches. “I’ve been listening downstairs,” said one patron who made her way upstairs during the middle of Holland’s 3 1/2 -hour performance. “It’s fabulous.”
 Holland’s renditions of the original French classic “Autumn Leaves,” Americanized by Johnny Mercer in the late 1940s, was luscious and perfectly on par with the relaxing mood of the evening. It was followed up by another favorite, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Her original songs were just as apt, including “Barcelona” and “Curiosity,” in which Holland sang in the glow of the low red lights that surrounded her on the second floor. Holland took a short break, where she mixed with patrons and absorbed the ambiance of the night. And in a quaint wine bar, where a few drinks and appetizers were enjoyed on a relaxing Friday night, Glendale gained some serious soul. for full story see:


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  1. Well, Cafe Divine was fabulous. You and Jerry were better than ever and it was so special having the whole gang together again. We laughed and carried on like teenagers. The evening went by so quickly, though, Sony. I went home happy, tummy full of that scrumptious lamb shank, arugula salad, gingerbread cake, and, to top it all off, the birthday cake.

    It just reinforces how much we lost when you two decided to head down to Los Angeles. We miss you!