Monday, February 8, 2010

Photos from Steamers & the Culver Club

I am preparing some new posts but in the meanwhile I'd like to share a few photos from the Culver Club and Steamers. Thanks to Terence Love and Terry Dudley for sending the photos. See my previous post for a little background information on each of the musicians. 
The only person I hadn't done a gig with before was guitarist Larry Koonse. As I expected he is a pleasure to work with and an incredible player. We liked him so much that Jerry and I went out to see his trio at the Blue Whale this past Saturday night. What a treat!  
 The pics below are: 1. The band @ Steamers...What a fun place to play. We'll be back there soon. 2. Larry and I during Autumn Leaves. 3. During Larry's solo... 4. John B. is always having fun playing the bass. 5. The band takes a bow at the Culver Club.



  1. These bring back memories of such a fun night, Sony! I had a wonderful time. Such mega talent on that stage ( well, it wasn't really a stage, was it? ) - you, of course, I can never praise enough - along with the other star of Dos Holland - but your L. A. band are mega magic.

  2. These images are wonderful and I agree that Larry Koonse is simply amazing. Steamers sounds like fun too and I may just surprise you one of these days. Culver City was a blast and hope you and the band are there again very soon.