Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sanssouci News

Here are some exciting developments regarding my new CD, Sanssouci. In spite of the fact that we have no publicity budget a few good notices have appeared.

1) From: Jazz Station - Arnaldo DeSouteiro's Blog: Vocal CD of the Month - "Sony Holland: Sanssouci"

This enchanting CD, by LA-based singer Sony Holland, offers delightful moments that combine elegance, delicacy, sensitivity & musical joy, in reverence to music's subtler values. The lovely intertwining of lines, tempos and motifs abounds throughout the beautifully & inventively arranged 13 track-program, a perfect blend of standards (from the opener "My Foolish Heart" to the finale with the best vocal version of "My Romance" since Carly Simon's recording with Eddie Gomez & Steve Gadd 20 years ago) and originals by Sony's hitmaker (and multi-talented) husband Jerry Holland -- my personal favorite being "Little Tune," that sounds sooooo pretty!

Also noteworthy are Sony's renditions of Rufus Wainwright's title track "Sanssouci" and Carla Bruni's "Those Dancing Days Are Gone," composed (for her second album, "No Promises", from 2008) after a 1929 poem by William Butler Yeats. Not to mention Joseph Kosma's 1945 standard "Les Feuilles Mortes," sung firstly in French (with the original Jacques Prévert lyrics) and soon after with the English lyrics added by Johnny Mercer in 1947. The mixing of Sony Holland's soulful vocals with the sparse/ingenious instrumentation is pure pleasure.

2) The CD was also the feature of a one hour podcast interview by KCSM dj Pete Fallico: Sony Holland in the Doodlin'Lounge

3) The original song 'CURIOSITY' was also played in a CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast:

4) Tracks from Sanssouci have been played on some major stations like L.A.'s KCRW and San Francisco's KCSM. There have also been many more Internet radio stations and blogs that have helped to promote the CD.

Hopefully there will be some more news to add soon. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a CD or has helped to spread the word. I appreciate it very much.


  1. I am so happy for you two. This is a magical CD with fantastic tunes and as a result it is getting the recognition it deserves.

  2. This is all really exciting. We have always known how outstanding you and Jerry are. Your two venues, in Santa Cruz and San Francisco this past weekend, were just unbelievable. I wish the whole world could have been present. I was totally mesmerized. It is such a joy to hear you perform, accompanied by Jerry!